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Toddler Area at LEGOLAND Florida Closing Temporarily For Chima Expansion

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Although it was overlooked during the big announcement for the World of Chima expansion coming to LEGOLAND Florida, part of the expansion will include some improvements to the main toddler friendly area of the park — Duplo Village. For time and safety reasons, Duplo Village is scheduled to be closed until some point in July.

Attractions affected include Granny’s Jalopies, Big Rig Rally and Jr. Fire Academy. However the Duplo Barn and Playtown will remain open (the baby care area is located inside the Duplo barn as well).

I won’t go as far as saying you should reconsider your trip if you have a toddler in your party. The Safari Jeeps, Boat School, Jr Driving School and Carrousel still offer some value for the day, plus there are Duplo and LEGO bricks to build and play with. Also be sure to take in the shows and the Fresh from Florida Greenhouse (aaah, air-conditioning). True there are not as many toddler offerings, but what is left are the best of the original options.

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