Hot Country Singles, A Few Favorites

As a devoted Country music fan (case and point, my glowing review of Kacey Musgraves’ new album “Same Trailer, Different Park”), I am always interested in the new singles coming from some of my favorite singers and groups. The ACM Awards that occurred on April 7th helped me out, as all the performers had the chance to premiere their new stuff! I thought I could give my opinions and thoughts on the new stuff so you can sort what goes on your Spotify playlists, and what is actually purchased on Amazon or iTunes!


Little Big Town-“Your Side of the Bed”– First off, if you didn’t see them perform this at the ACMs…you missed some crazily eccentric aerial dancing. Secondly, when I listened to the “Tornado” album the first time through, this song became my instant favorite. This beautifully sung tune about a couple slowly growing apart is GORGEOUS! LBT is known for their great harmonies…but they are even better in this song. A+


Carrie Underwood- “See You Again”
– The two singles to have been released off her “Blown Away” album thus far have been very, well, demented. One about a wife and mistress killing their spousal equivalent and one about a tornado ripping through a town, so she locks herself in the storm cellar and leaves her alcoholic father to fend for himself…not really “up-lifting”. That changes with this wonderful song. It can be taken multiple ways, but the overall gist is you will always end up back with the people you love. It is a ballad/up tempo/country/pop song that has a ton of radio playability. I can’t wait to hear it on my local country stations. A

The Band Perry- “DONE.”– They can put on a show! They had the most lively performance at the ACMs this year, singing this country/rock song about (shockingly) relationship problems. It has a similar feel to “Before He Cheats”, but more amped up. Get ready to hear this A LOT on the radio, and for good reason. A-

Brad Paisley- “Beat This Summer”– I am calling it now…THE Country song of summer 2013. It has a fantastic medley with really fun lyrics, even if there is a love component. It screams summer, and not just because it says it in the title. A+


Kelly Clarkson- “Don’t Rush”– I’m not entirely sure if she is pushing this to be on the radio, but she has performed it at two awards shows and I am OBSESSED! It is mellow, yet up beat. The chorus is to die for and the harmonies are pretty great too. This needs to end up on country radio, and if it doesn’t, I will personally eat George Strait’s hat. A

George Strait- “Give It All We Got Tonight”– He is the king, so we have to mention that up front. Also, you have to give him credit as this is heading to be his 60+ number one single, which is ridiculous (in a good way). Is it his best song ever? No. Is it still good? Yes. Will I still sing along in the car every time it comes on? Heck yes! B-

Jason Aldean-“1994”– Woof. D-


Lady Antebellum-“Downtown”– This one is just a ball of fun! After their recent trend of semi-mope-y songs about heartbreak, this fun one about partying is a great way to start the summer! I’m not sure if Hilary Scott’s pregnancy has anything to do with this single…but if it does, I hope she has a second child soon after she gives birth, because this one is fantastic! A
There you have it! Just a few of the new singles hitting your country radio soon. I have included a Spotify playlist of all the songs I have mentioned (even Jason Aldean’s…ugh) so you can listen and decide for yourself! Which ones are your favorites? Are you going to buy any, or are you still listening to Kacey Musgraves’ album like me? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time…See You Again!