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If there is one reality TV show that has stood the test of time, it is Survivor. Every Wednesday at 8pm on CBS I watch with huge eyes awaiting to see who is voted off, who finds the hidden immunity idol, and who goes bonkers (Brandon…I’m looking at you…).

connectvNow, thanks to, I can do this with fellow Survivor fans! Join me this Wednesday by either going onto, downloading the computer app, then joining in the discussion by linking your facebook/twitter, or by downloading the real app to your iOS or Droid device.

Every week I will be chatting up a Survivor storm in the Survivor chat room on the app! It is extremely simple to use and I am excited to have a ton of fun! Get ready for some trivia, maybe some games, a lot of joking around, and just overall a Jeff Probstastic time!

It would be great if everyone would join me! See you starting this Wednesday on ConnecTV at 8pm EST!

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