Kacey Musgraves – Same Trailer, Different Park

Kacey-Musgraves-Same-Trailer-Different-Park-CountryMusicRocks.net_Kacey Musgraves is a new singer/songwriter out on the country scene, and boy is she shining. Her first single, “Merry Go Round”, has had a very successful run on the Billboard charts and is still staying strong! March 19th her first full-length album is being released “Same Trailer, Different Park,” and, personally, is the best country album I have ever listened to.

I am a huge country fan. I have been to multiple country concerts (Side Note: If you ever have the opportunity to see Little Big Town live, GO!) and I only listen to country radio stations when in the car. When LBT’s album “Tornado” was released last year, I listened to it non-stop, but did have to skip over a few tracks. Kacey’s new album, on the other hand, is made up of 12 stellar songs, with varying tones and tunes.

“Follow Your Arrow”, her newest single (getting much controversy for its reference to the LGBT community and smoking weed being a little too provocative for country radio), is a fantastically humorous, catchy and, frankly, inspiring song about not caring what people think and having a “dancing like no one is watching” mentality. “My House” is another fun diddy that describes her RVing adventures across the country with a hint of romance. It also brilliantly rhymes electric and septic, which needs to happen more in country songs.

The best two songs come in the form of “Dandelion”, an eerie, yet gorgeous song about a depressing streak of love, and “Keep It to Yourself”, a great tune about how sometimes, love is better being hidden. Both strike very different aspects of the love spectrum, but yet, both explain them so eloquently.

Kacey Musgraves recently garnered 3 Academy of Country Music nominations (Sunday April 7th at 8pm on CBS), including one for Female Vocalist of the Year. This is just the start for this amazingly talented up-and-come-er who is bound to become a household name. The CMA awards are in September, and I am making the prediction right now that Ms. Musgraves will win Album of the Year. It was just that good.

Same Trailer, Different Park”= 5 out of 5 places to drain the septic.