SeaWorld Orlando teases all-new roller coaster opening in 2023

SeaWorld Orlando is playing hard to get with details about its next roller coaster. The company released a teaser video for what will be its seventh coaster for the Central Florida theme park.

While no name has been revealed yet, there’s a hint with the phrase “High Surf Advisory” used in the promotion of this video.

According to SeaWorld guests will fill the power of the pacific ocean right here in Florida. Waves of thrills will propel them into a one-of-a-kind ocean adventure on the new coaster.

Watch the teaser trailer for the coaster here.

The as-yet unnamed roller coaster will be located in the old festival center section of SeaWorld Orlando. That’s between Bayside Stadium and the main entrance to the park.

We’re looking forward to more details leaking ahead of the ride’s opening next year.

Seaworld recently opened its newest roller coaster Ice Breaker, which won USA Today’s reader poll for best new coaster. Another SeaWorld Orlando coaster, Mako, was awarded the runner up spot for best roller coaster in North America.

The Central Florida theme park known for its message of conservation and care for ocean creatures, is quietly becoming known as a destination for thrill seekers as well.

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