George Lucas withdraws museum proposal for Chicago, will return to California


Apparently it’s harder than it looks to open a museum these days. George Lucas has tried once in San Francisco and once in Chicago to build his Museum of Narrative Art, but both times he was thwarted by red tape thrown up to slow the process down. Now he’ll return to California and try again in a new location.

The Lucas museum was to be built near the Soldier Field stadium right near the lake front. It cleared nearly all the political and community hurdles, but it sounds like one group the so-called ‘Friends of the Parks,’ wanted some additional concessions, which put a nail in the coffin of the deal.

The first attempt to build was in California very near the Walt Disney Family Museum in the Presidio. When it does finally open, it will hold both tribute to Lucas’ career as a film maker along with paintings, photography, and more.

Lucas confirms he will now attempt to find a location in California again. With Lucasfilm, Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar, and Lucasarts all based in the Bay area, it seems like a natural home. But then again Los Angeles had previously offered property near the University of Southern California where Lucas got his start.

Where would you put the George Lucas museum?

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