Space Coast Mini-Eggfest brings outdoor chefs to Florida


This weekend Tuckaway Shores Resort near Melbourne, FL has been taken over by “Eggheads.” Use the Big Green Egg grill once and you’ll fall in love, use it twice and you’ll want to bring it home with you. That sort of dedication creates fanatics (gee, us theme park fans know nothing about that).

I spoke with Tuckaway Shores Resort manager Jacqui McPhillips about the event. “Big Green Eggs come in five sizes and we have the largest called Extra Large for our guests to use. Those that own them are called “Eggheads” and many Eggheads own multiple Eggs.”


According to McPhillips, “Meat cooked on an Egg is the best you’ll ever have; more tender than and juicer than if grilled on almost any other grill. The pizzas are to die for as well as the desserts made on the eggs.”

Tuckaway Shores hosts a mini-Egg Fest the last weekend in October.

“This group of eggheads have been coming to Tuckaway on this same Thur., Fri. and Sat. for seven years and we always have several eggheads on a wait list,” said McPhillips.

We actually owned a Big Green Egg when I was growing up and it made the best steak and pork chops I’ve ever had. Ask any owner and they’ll tell you that Eggheads take their grill seriously. Each comes with a life-time warranty and there’s a large community of fellow Eggheads who will help you learn how to grill, smoke, and bake with your Egg.

Almost every state has an official annual Eggfest. If you want to attend, but don’t have a grill consider buying a ‘taster’ ticket and enjoying what all the eggheads cook/bake/smoke.

Florida’s Eggfest is held in April with several hundred attending. After the success of the mini-eggfest at Tuckaway Shores, the official Eggfest was moved to the Space Coast. I think I have new plans for April in 2016. What about you?

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