Getting Re-Acquainted with Veronica Mars for the First Time


On March 13th, the Veronica Mars Kickstarter began. This cult TV show that used to air on UPN/The CW was asking for 2 million dollars, the amount Warner Brothers needed to officially say yes to a film version of the show. Within 11 hours, they had the money they needed, breaking multiple Kickstarter records along the way.

Being the entertainment fan I am, I decided to check out this show I had been hearing about for years. Heck, if I enjoyed it, I would be prepared for the movie being released next year.

Well, I have just finished the first season, and not since Scandal have I been this enthralled with a television program. A teenage soap-ish, but without most of the annoying teen stuff, paired with intriguing cases, amazingly witty dialog brilliantly spoken by Kristen Bell, and a head scratcher of a murder.

Kristen Bell, oh Kristen Bell…she was born for this role. She portrays a semi-troubled teenager who has been through a lot (rape, a runaway mother, her best friend’s murder, etc.) with such class and humor that makes the show so great. Everyone else on the show is also fantastic, but Kristen shines through.

The finale episode was jam packed of emotion and the big reveal to the season long mystery of who killed Lilly Kane. Well, it is revealed…and my head exploded! The drama that fills that episode could probably fill 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools.


I am always on the lookout for new shows to watch, and this one sure was an excellent addition to my TV schedule. I will come back after I finish Season 2 with my review of that season as well, but man; I am so pumped for this Veronica Mars movie. I’m not sure I have ever been more excited for a movie, to be completely honest.

Full episodes are available for free on with minimal commercial breaks (Even shorter than Hulu!) for the first two seasons. Would really like to know who else watched/watches the show and what are your thoughts are on the Kickstarter, the film, and the crazy season 1 finale. Let me know in the comments below! Now…back to Neptune.

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