Five years of fun at Sea World’s Aquatica Water Park.

Editor: Please welcome guest author Jake Zachariah who attended this event on our behalf today

Happy Birthday to Aquatica!
Five years of fun at Sea World’s South Seas Themed Water Park.


Rā Whānau! (that’s Māori for ‘Happy Birthday!’) Aquatica by Sea World in Orlando, FL, celebrated its fifth anniversary today with a party for its sunscreen wearing friends and guests. For five years, the South Seas themed water park has hosted millions of guests from around the world at its premier offering of slides, tube rides, and lazy rivers. The Polynesian theme also boasts its own special blend of attractions, including wildlife from New Zealand and Dolphin Plunge, a water slide that sends you racing underwater with dolphins.

Bryan Nadeau, VP at Aquatica, hosted the event by congratulating the staff and thanking the guests for making Aquatica such a success. It has been so well received by vacationers that Sea World will be celebrating their second location’s one-year anniversary tomorrow in San Antonio, TX, and this summer will be opening the brand’s third location in San Diego, CA. Part of that formula for success comes from Sea World’s ability to feature the native animals from their theme’s region with the Kookaburra bird, exotic fish, and Commerson’s dolphins. Aquatica also prides themselves on their schedule to be open year-round, 82°F water temperature and an array of private cabanas around the park.


Of course, no birthday party is complete without cake! Aquatica Orlando treated its birthday party guests with an awesome cake in the shape of a water slide, complete with people sliding down and enjoying the fun. Hundreds of swimsuit wearing fans celebrated party with music and vacationers of all ages enjoyed dancing to the Macarena, YMCA, and Electric Slide, with some Lifeguards even jumping into the mix!

Have you been to Aquatica? How do you think it compares to other water parks?

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