“Bambi Meets Godzilla” lovingly restored by a fan


I first saw the animated short “Bambi meets Godzilla” at one of the many animation festivals that came through Portland in the late 80s, early 90s. Most likely at a Mike and Spikes festival at Cinema 21. The short was a popular feature of the animation art show and as time went on the copies in circulation suffered from the wear and tear of abuse.

Coda had a similar experience to me, but in 2012, decided to hone his digital editing skills by recreating a clean version of “Bambi meets Godzilla (you can read about the process in this blog). This was done without the original creator’s permission, but to me is an example of the sort of community the Internet is good for.

This also reminds me of one of my other favorite films from the animation circuit – Snookles the baby dragon.

Had you seen this film before? What do you think of the restoration?