Wynn Las Vegas unveils renowned artist Jeff Koons’ Tulips sculpture

It’s been years since I’ve been to Las Vegas and I never quite made it into the new Wynn resort. However, I couldn’t resist posting this story after seeing the sculpture–it’s other worldly. Something about Koons’ medium of giant inflated metallic balloons speaks to me.


As part of the resort’s continued commitment and appreciation of public art, Wynn Las Vegas unveils Tulips by Jeff Koons. Rendered in mirror-polished stainless steel and transparent color coating, Tulips will illuminate the Wynn Theater rotunda at Wynn Las Vegas.

“Tulips is a symbol of hope and the strength of life’s energy,” said Jeff Koons. “It reflects the viewer to affirm the viewer’s existence. I am thrilled to be in the Wynn collection. Steve Wynn is known for collecting great works of Modern and Contemporary art so to be able to have my sculpture, Tulips, included in his collection has profound meaning to me.”

The sculpture, Tulips, was acquired at auction in November 2012 for a price of $33,682,500. The legendary piece is the sculptural culmination of Koons’ Celebration series. Created in five unique versions, Tulips is one of the largest and most complex sculptures in the series. The sculpture represents a bouquet of twisted balloon flowers, which have been cast in stainless steel and brought to a high mirror polish and plated in a vivid spectrum of color. The gleaming surface and vivid color palette of the sculpture reflect both the viewer and itself, resulting in a kaleidoscope of color and near infinite reflections. The sculpture creates the sensation of weightlessness but is paradoxically heavy, employing more than 3 tons of meticulously sculpted stainless steel.

The Celebration works explore the concept of child-like innocence and chart the landmarks of the passing year, in this instance: Spring. Koons’ Tulips, while rooted in the long-standing tradition of floral still life, offers a modern interpretation and explores a range of concepts that are pertinent to the contemporary world. The medium is smooth and pristine, presenting the viewer with an image that appears to be simple and joyous. Under the surface, Koons explores themes such as life, death and sexuality. Tulips, which bloom for a short time, are conversely represented in the chosen medium, invoking durability, immortality and the endurance of our species.

“Many people believe that Jeff Koons is one of the most important living artists on canvas and in sculpture in the world today,” said Wynn Resorts Chairman and CEO Steve Wynn. “I’m happy to be one of those people and particularly delighted to share with our guests his magnificent creation of the Tulips sculpture, which is now gracing the intersection of Wynn and Encore in our resort, near our showroom lobby. If you see them you will find the experience totally delicious.”

. (Photo via PRNewsFoto/Wynn Las Vegas)

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  1. The Wynn has always been my favorite Vegas resort, and this just makes it even better! Can’t wait to actually see it in person. Looks absolutely stunning.

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