White City Cleveland - Vintage Amusement Park

Climb Aboard thrlld

White City Cleveland - Vintage Amusement Park

I’ve been writing The Disney Blog since June 2004 and it has a been a blast covering the whole universe of The Walt Disney Company, its fans, history, and competitors. At The Disney Blog, nothing will change. I will continue covering the world of Disney just as I have before. Lately, it has become clear that there are some things related to Disney and un-related to Disney that just aren’t a good fit for that blog’s audience.

For instance, there is a lot more going on in Orlando than just Disney. I’ve been covering some of it on The Disney Blog, but I want to do a lot more. So rather than inundate that site with Orlando related news, I’ll post it over here and cross-link as needed. Additionally, there is a wide range of theme park industry, entertainment, travel and related news I’d love to be covering.

That is why I created thrlld.com. I invite you to climb aboard as this roller coaster of a blog launches for a thrilling jourey. These are the stories that thrill me, that make me want to share them with others who share my interests, and help readers stay in touch, excited, and educated about things beyond the mouse. Thank you for joining me!

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  1. It has taken me several weeks to decifer that this was indeed another one of your blogs, John. I like the viewpoint and your postings. Keep up the interesting news.

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