Doha Oasis video from Premier Rides will blow your mind

Doha Oasis is a project in Doha the Capital of Qatar. The city sits on the Persian Gulf and is in the middle of a huge expansion of its downtown areas, including the Doha Oasis project, which is a multi-purpose mall development that will have a theme park right in the middle of it. It was recently announced that it would be getting a 60-meter high roller coaster, one of the tallest coasters in the Middle East.

Doha Oasis will feature underground parking, an indoor theme park and retail district. Above that there will be living areas, with gardens, apartment living, and 4-star amenites. The complex will also have a hotel, office space, dining, and a roof-top park.

The concept video from Premier Rides is a must-watch.

As a theme park fan, I totally want to live in that future. Reminds me very much of what a modern vision for EPCOT would be if dropped today by Imagineering. Sort of the Mall of America on steroids.

Believe it or not this project is actually under construction in Doha right now. This construction photo was shared by Premiere Rides.

Do you think a concept like this would work in the US?