Vid-a-palooza II: This weeks Funniest, Original YouTube Videos


Another week has passed, and that means a new “Marshal’s Vid-a-palooza” is ready to scatter the internet looking for the funniest, most original, and downright fun videos that have been released over the past week. Let’s take a look…

CommunityChannel, aka Natalie Tran, has a unique brand of comedy in which she realizes things that everyone does, yet no one pays attention to. This week, she discusses how everyone does nothing with instruction manuals, even though they are always needed. She takes on the role of the instructions at one point and it is hilarious.

Stuart Edge is someone I came across this week with his wonderfully inventive modification on a flash mob. He, along with a great acapella group, would recreate “Kiss The Girl In Real Life.” The result was funny, cute, and all around a fun addition to the wonderful world of acapella videos.

The much anticipated Orange is the New Black Season 2 trailer was released and it lived up to expectations. New characters, interesting plot lines and laugh out loud dialogue was included in this preview before the season 2 premiere on June 6th. My only problem…where’s Yoga Jones?! Either way, I can’t wait to binge watch this the moment it hits the web.

While I did showcase Mamrie Hart last week, her vlog channel, mametown, featured her funniest video to date this week. Her alter ego, Pumpernickel Stevens, gave us her list of the biggest hotties of the Animal Kingdom and I was close to tears from laughing so hard. NSFW, but her funniest video to date. Hands down. Beasty Alley was introduced as well. SO FUNNY!

Be sure to tweet @THRLLD your favorite videos of the week and they may be included in next week’s favorites. Let me know your thoughts on these below!