Marshal’s Vid-a-palooza – Let It Go


I’m what people like to call a “YouTube connoisseur.” By people, I mean no one calls anyone that, but whatever. Every week from now on, I will scour the web to bring you my favorite videos of the week. They might be viral, they might be a part of some great YouTube channels, or they might just be small personal favorites that I found along the way. Either way, it’s going to be a fun ride. Let the first “Marshal’s Vid-a-palooza” begin!

A new YDAD (or You Deserve a Drink) premiered this week and it is a freaking riot. For those unfamiliar, this series stars my favorite YouTuber of all-time, Mamrie Hart, as she makes a drink in honor of a celebrity who deserves one, gosh darn it! In the midst of drink making, she throws in some fantastically funny and raunchy/highly inappropriate puns that are totally NSFW, but oh so funny. This week, Chris Martin gets the YDAD treatment after announcing his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow.

“After Midnight” is a new hit show on the Great White Way that brings theater goers back to the golden age of the Cotton Club. Accompanied by a big band, dancers showcase the moves of the era and some modern routines that pair nicely with the classic tunes of the 30’s and 40’s. The show is known for having guest stars as singers, instead of one person for the show’s entire run. So far Fantastia, k.d. lang and Toni Braxton have all taken a swing at it, but currently Vanessa Williams is headlining and killing it with her gorgeous rendition of “Stormy Weather.”

Anne Hathaway was on “The Tonight Show” a few nights ago to promote “Rio 2,” which was a great interview anyway, but it was even better when she and Jimmy teamed up to do some Broadway versions of Rap songs that were pretty spectacular. 50 Cent backed by piano is pretty amazing.

“Let It Go” is the song that has taken over the world like a Russian dictator, picking up an Oscar along the way. Multiple covers have been released to varying degrees of success, but Epcot’s Voices of Liberty just won the non-existent cover contest. They blew the roof of the rotunda. It is a must listen.

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Well, here are 4 for the week. The amount will change from week to week, but the quality will always be there! Let me know your thoughts on the videos I chose this week in the comments below. See you back here next week!