SeaWorld Antarctica – Over the Fence Update

Had an opportunity to visit SeaWorld about a week ago and took a few moments to catch up with the progress on Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin at SeaWorld Florida. It’s set to open May 24th and all indications are that it will give any attraction in Orlando a run for its money in terms of technology, theming, and temperature (the 3 T’s).

We saw some of the land theme work in progress when we toured last month. I didn’t make it beyond the fence this trip, but you can still see that a lot of progress has been made.

A look over the wall shows many types of ice forming in the land. The mother penguin rock looks good too.

Here’s a close up on some of the icicles.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much SeaWorld can do to hide a giant three story building in the middle of the park. Part of the problem of not using a hub and spoke model when building a theme park, you can’t put the e-tickets to the edges.

Moving to the other side (close to the Sea Lion entrance), we see a heavily forested area leading into an archway. This is the ‘main entrance’ that will provide most of the wow for park guests.

Through the arch we see a hint of the sign for the restaurant and some more of the blue ice that will part of the limited palate of colors SeaWorld has to play with in the Antarctica.

SeaWorld Orlando has very much taken their concept of themed entertainment to a new level with Antarctica. Will you be adding a visit to SeaWorld Orlando on your next visit?