Veronica Mars Revisiting Season 3


It is official. I have finally completed all 64 episodes of Veronica Mars. It. Was. Amazing. The third season gets some flak for being the worst one, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself during all 20 episodes.

There were some format changes in the third season that I disliked at first, but grew to really enjoy. Every season thus far had had a season long story arc (Lilly Kane’s murder the first season, the bus crash season 2), but the third season opted for mini-arcs (Who filmed Veronica naked, who really is the Hearst rapist, etc.). Also, this season went even heavier with the jokes, yet still not in an overpowering way. Most people say they really hated the third season for the increased humor, but I loved it. This season had my three favorite jokes from the entire show (I made a playlist of some great Veronica Mars jokes below!).


My one tiny problem with this season was Veronica’s stupidity. She was drugged and raped in high school, which is incredibly tragic. If I was drugged, I would keep my eye on all of my beverages in my possession and never take drinks from ANYONE other than myself, yet Veronica gets drugged ANOTHER TWO TIMES! Of all people in the world, Veronica is not one to act so foolishly.

I did enjoy the more screen time given to Mac, though. Such a witty and fun character played fantastically by Tina Majorino. The college scenery could have gone the way of failed college adaptations, like the Clarissa Now pilot that never took of or the Saved By The Bell: College Years, but it really gave viewers the same great show we knew and loved from the first 2 seasons.

Just the other day, the Kickstarter ended and became the project with the most backers of all-time. They raised more than $5.7 million dollars, which is a guarantee that the film will be made and released in spring of 2014. All I know is that my countdown has begun.

Let me know all of your Veronica Mars thoughts below! I will be sure to keep you updated on the movie as more information comes out.

Also, since I am done with one cult TV show, might as well move on to another! I am one episode away from finishing the first season of Pushing Daisies and after I have finished all 22 episodes, I am thinking about trying Better Off Ted. Let me know if you have any suggestions for what I should watch next! Until next time…A long time ago…we used to be friends.