Riders Stuck on WindSeeker at Knott’s for 3-Hours

Knott's Berry Farm Entrance 1973
Knott’s Berry Farm entrance 1973

A frightening moment for twenty guests at Knott’s Berry Farm yesterday. They were stranded 300 feet in the air on the gondola tower swing attraction WindSeeker. The ride stopped at around 4pm and was not evacuated until 7:50pm, almost two hours after the park closed for the night. The attraction stopped when the safety security system activated, although Knott’s said it is not immediately clear what triggered the safety action.

“Safety is Knott’s number one priority and we are committed to the protection of all our guests,” Knott’s said in a statement. “Each of our rides is inspected, check-listed and properly maintained daily. Knott’s will continue to consistently monitor and inspect the rides and operation thereof.”

WindSeeker reported a similar problem on September 7th also leaving riders stuck for several hours. Knott’s says WindSeeker will remain closed while Knott’s investigates the cause of the incident. No medical emergencies were reported in either instance.

According to KABC, the fire department was not called to the theme park in either instance. The WindSeeker attraction is becoming well known for its propensity to break down, how safe do you feel on the attraction?

(Via KABC)

(Knott’s Entrance 1973 – Photo courtesy Orange County Archives)